About Us

News Helpline is a Brand in the world of daily Bollywood Content since last 14 years because we know the fact that News is very Time dependent So here we try to deliver the News before it become rumours. Today we are not just a Newswire but a SaaS company as well. Till now many satellite channels, IPTVs and maximum successful Entertainment YouTube channels have benefitted by our video subscription and will continue to do so in future. And now the Good News is even aspiring Publishers, Reporters, Editors and Bloggers can start their own News Website with help of our SaaS services. Spare your two minutes to have a glimpse into our 14 years old journey and if you find it exciting do become part of it..  
We were the first to sense the changing phase of News Industry with the progress of IT industry. Hence in the year 2008 we came up with a first of its kind Bollywood News Application, a website where we uploaded Bollywood news on daily basis and our client could download this news from anywhere in the world on the same day of the event. Then with the passage of time we improved and evolved. The result is today our client in any area of the world receives their Bollywood news (HD quality) within 2-3 hrs. post event.
As we all know Evolution never stops, and true Evolution happens when an individual helps the entire clan to evolve and survive the changing times.
In 2015 Our Prime Minister Started Digital India campaign and 2016 JIO technology changed the face of the society resulting in Digital boom. Digital took over print and suddenly many news websites mushroomed over night. But After sometime, maximum websites faced the money crunch because of Demonetization, GST and lack of good content at affordable rates. In such times News Helpline came up with their unique barter plan where it made content completely free of cost for websites which could not pay the subscription fees.
Link of article – https://www.bhadas4media.com/news-helpline-bollywood-content/
As the times passed, we found that the problem still persisted. Even after providing content at zero cost hundreds of websites were shut down. So after carrying out a survey we found that only free content could not solve the purpose. Many websites were shut down because of poor technical knowledge and bad revenue model.

In India there are more than 1,18,000 registered publishers out of which 18000 are News Papers and Magazines. But after detailed research we realized that only 2%-3% News Papers and Magazines have an online presence where as 97% to 98% of News Papers & Magazines are still running off line, struggling to survive and are  slowly shutting down because of various reasons like – 
  • Printing Cost Is Very High and Increasing Day by Day
  • No Real Time News Update  (Delivery Speed Slow in Comparison to Digital Media)
  • Maximum Readers Turning Digital
  • No Technical knowledge (Maximum Publisher tend to use WordPress BUT worldPress is not built for Business Website)  
  • Unaware  About Analytics, SEO and Google AdSense
  • News wire’s subscription rates are too high for these small time publishers.
The only strong point of these small publishers across India is their Local Networking, which goes un-noticed due to other limitations faced by them. Local news brings communities together and helps you prepare for your day. Local news updates keeps you connected with your town and helps you know your town better, no matter wherever you are.  

So here we are once again, sticking to our Mantra of Evolution where we believe in uplifting and evolving the entire Off-line Publisher Clan. News Helpline is all set to provide complete package to reporters and publishers across India by helping them with - 
  • Building  their Website With Admin Panel  (To add, Update and Manage News)
  • Handling their Domain, Hosting & C Panel
  • Creating All Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Dailyhunt etc)
  • Providing News Content (From All Categories like India, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment etc) at Affordable rate or Revenue Sharing Basis.
  • Helping  Them To Generate Revenue Through Google AdSense, Brand Tie-up and Other Sources
Link of article – https://www.bhadas4media.com/local-reporter-local-market/

So if you are a Publisher/Reporter and want to be a successful entrepreneur then join hands with News Helpline. 

For More Detail please Read Our FAQs OR  mail us at newshelpline@yahoo.com OR Connect with Mr. Sanjay Tiwari @ 8976004365 through WhatsApp